It’s Not Easy Being Green

WickedWe’re setting sail to the place on the map from which no one has ever returned/Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool by the light of the crosses that burned              Ship Of Fools                 by  World Party

This past weekend I saw the play Wicked for the second time. I love the characters and the music. The first time I saw the play in New York, I felt a kinship with Elphaba, but wasn’t sure why. This time while watching the play I took a closer look and it struck me that in real life I am her. No matter where I go or what I do I am transgender( green.)  I can’t hide that fact, nor do I really want to. I am proud of who I am and everything that I’ve done in my life. Like Elphaba, there are many people who treat me different, feel uncomfortable around me,  or just plain out and out despise me because I am transgender( green.)  Most of them don’t even know me, they just know they hate me because I am different.

I believe that I have a kind heart. I care for children, animals, and doing what’s right in the world. I worked hard for most of my life, volunteer, and donate to charities. None of that seems to matter. Like Elphaba it’s been easy to tag me with the title of “wicked” because I am different. I stand out like a sore “green” thumb. I’ve had people shout at me because they say it’s my job to educate them so they don’t hate me. When you are openly transgender, people will blame you for not trying hard enough to “pass” as something that makes them feel comfortable. Yes, I see it all now, your hate is my fault. I am “Defying Gravity.”

One of the most hurtful of those people tagging me as “wicked’ came from President Trump this summer, with his tweet and other communication regarding transgender service members. It is true that I am not considering joining or serving in the military, but with his policy by tweet, he painted a broad brush that painted all of us as “a burden and disruption.” It doesn’t matter to people that he lied. What matters more is that he gave them someone that they can all hate. He united the citizens of Emerald City against all of the “wicked witches” destroying their joy.

It’s easy to tag people as good or bad when we don’t know them or understand them. It would be easy to dismiss Trump or Pence or the other haters in this administration and other part of our government, except they are becoming more assertive. These so called leaders assertiveness against all LGBTQ people should be cause for alarm. Especially for people like me who have no place to hide.

I  have heard people say that they have been worried for years that religious groups are taking over the republican party. I believe the opposite has happened. The republicans, or at lease the alt-right part of the party has taken over many of these religious organizations in  America. I remember a time when churches were a safe refuge from political tyranny, but now they are not only willing participants but leading the way.

I do not have a crystal ball and can not predict the future. Right now the present is dire enough without thinking too far down the yellow brick road. Right now, the political  powers and the religious powers have joined forces to find that “evil wicked witch” that they can tell everyone, “this is what is wrong, this is what must be destroyed.” I am who they are looking for to rally everyone in America against, and even the opposition political parties seem to reluctant to take up for us. For those in our community and our allies who want to save us, especially the next generation, please raise your voices now! The “All Knowing And Powerful Oz”  wants me and will soon get me. There is no saving me.



2 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Being Green

  1. Of all musical characters, Elphaba is my all-time favorite. Like her I am smart, determined, unique, talkative (as Fiyero says), impulsive, but not brave or strong like her, but do believe in equality and staying true to myself . I have such a personal bond to her and she is one of the biggest reasons why I love Wicked

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