Body Count

A howling wind that blows the litter as the rain flows, as street lamps pour orange colored shapes, through you windows. A broken soul stare from a pair of watering eyes, uncertain emotions force an uncertain smile.                                                          Uncertain Smile             by     The The

I am not certain how much longer I can be an activist. Speaking up for those who can’t has always been important to me but I had never wanted or intended to become a spokesperson for the community.  Even now I am reluctant to say that I speak for anyone but myself. It’s not the critics or even the haters, it’s the fact that I’m just getting too old to do this much longer.

For those of us who want to keep up with what is happening for the transgender community we read as much as we can get our hands on. I try to read between 20 and 30 news stories a day. Way too often it seems that the news is about some kind of violence and death. Some say we are making progress, but I wonder as I read about so much hate happening all over against transgender people.

The headlines on many of these stories are sometimes just too much for me to handle:

-Horrifying Murder Of Transwoman Caught On Security Camera Show On Local TV

-Man Attacks Transwoman In Seattle Park

-Transwoman Shot To Death In Detroit

–New York Man Arrested And Charged With Hate Crime In Transgender Attack

-Mississippi Sentencing Delayed In Transgender Hate Crime Murder

–Transgender Woman Killed In Kansas After Being Run Over Intentionally

=Black Transwoman Murdered In Dallas

-Man Not Competent To Stand Trail In Evansville For Transgender Woman’s Murder

-Louisiana Man Captured In Case Of Local Transgender Woman Murder

Yes, I could go on and on, but I won’t because as you can see it happens so often and pretty much everywhere. For transgender people there are no safe bubbles for us to live in. I have a couple of personal stories that I will share soon but not yet. For those who are supportive of our community please stop trying to divide us. For those in the community we should try to support one another. We know that much of this violence happens against transgender women of color. We need to stop being judgmental when it comes to these most marginalized of the marginalized individuals.




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